Executive Committee

The Association’s Executive Committee (from Sept 2019) comprises the following members:

Chair: Robin Williams, Edinburgh

Vice-Chair: Barbara Ribeiro, Manchester

Conference Coordinator: Rachel Hale, Cardiff

Communications and Membership: Andrew Webster, York

London-area rep: Anne Marie Coles, Greenwich

Marie-Claire Brisbois, SPRU Sussex

ECR rep and link to the PFSTIS: Julia Kasmire, Manchester

PhD rep and link to the PFSTIS: Matjaz Vidmar, Edinburgh

The Executive Committee has been refreshed in September 2019 with members having specific roles in helping to coninute to build on the work undertaken the past four years.

To support the EC, a Strategic Advisory Group was  established three years ago comprising the following members:

Brian Balmer (UCL), Anne-Marie Coles (Greenwich),  Patricia Fara (BSHS/Cambridge), Kieron Flanagan (Manchester), Adam Hedgecoe (Cardiff), Paul Martin (Sheffield), Theo Papaioannou (Open University), Stevie de Saille (Sheffield), Johan Schot (Utrecht), Vicky Singleton (Lancaster), Fred Steward (Policy Studies Institute), Andrew Webster (York) and Robin Williams (Edinburgh)

The Association has also established a Communications Group, comprising the following members:

Stevie de Saille, University of Sheffield

Kieron Flanagan, Alliance Business School, University of Manchester

Jack Stilgoe, UCL

Achim Roseman, University of Warwick