AsSIST-UK Robin Williams at Innovate UK event on AI

Co-Chair of AsSIST-UK, Robin Williams, was invited by Innovate UK to a national Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to present how the social sciences and specifically STIS might engage with this area. His presentation – which sought to open up new lines of thinking – was regarded as an immensely valuable contribution to the debate. His slides can be found here: Williams contribution to CIF workshop Continue reading “AsSIST-UK Robin Williams at Innovate UK event on AI”

Editor-in-Chief, Philip Campbell, on a place for the social sciences in Nature

In this week’s Research Fortnight, Sir Philip Campbell, editor-in-chief of Nature, continues his long-standing support for social science/STIS work and the contribution it can make. In the interview he makes a call to fellow editors: ‘ There isn’t a huge demand yet for papers that really integrate the perspectives of the social sciences, the humanities and the natural sciences, but it is up to the journals to take the lead and to show what they can do. We are, but I’d love us to do it faster.’

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S&T Committee Summit: Johan Schot

AsSIST-UK Strategic Advisory Group member, Professor Johan Schot, Director at SPRU, represented the Association at the recent House of Commons ‘Summit’ on ‘Brexit, Science and Innovation. He made some very important interventions about the need to rethink our whole approach to Policy, reflecting the Association’s drive to reshape thinking in Westminster. You can read more here

Science and Technology Committee to hold a ‘Brexit: Science and Innovation’ summit

The Science and Technology Committee’s summit, focusing on the future of the science and innovation sector, will take place on Thursday 22 February 2018 (9am–12.30pm) at the Institution of Civil Engineers, London. The summit will identify the actions that need to take place to mitigate risks for the sector associated with the UK leaving the EU, and to identify the best means to exploit emerging opportunities.

The Committee will present the results at the start of the phase-II negotiations with the EU, in order to guide the Government in its discussions.

AsSIST-UK has submitted written evidence to the Committee, which can be found here:

AsSIST_UK_Jan 2018_comment on post-Brexit

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AsSIST-UK/Parliamentary S&T Select Committees joint meeting

AsSIST-UK members joined with members of of both the House of Commons and House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committees to discuss how the Association can build lines of communication and policy advice to parliament. The meeting was extremely valuable and plans are underway to take various agreed actions forward. Details of the meeting can be found here AsSIST_UK + ST Select Comm meeting_agenda