AsSIST-UK Webinar


Session 1


Pandemics, entanglements and responses

  • Robin Williams, Chair’s Introduction to the Webinar
  • Eva Giraud, After the ‘Age of Wreckers and Exterminators’?
  • Michael Schillmeier, Counter/Infections
  • Annie Wilkinson, Social science in epidemic response: engaging with social dimensions
  • Q&A

Break 2.50-2:55

Session 2


Control, expertise and uncertainties

  • Reiner Grundmann, Covid-19: Science and Expertise
  • Andy Stirling, What can STS approaches help society learn from this pandemic?
  • Q&A

Q&A Procedure

Each panelist will speak for no more than 10 minutes. Questions can be submitted at any point by the attendees via the Q&A button on the Zoom system and these will be visible to everyone, but, given time constraints, we have two moderators who will select questions that will touch on different issues, and perhaps group some questions together. The Chair will receive these and invite the relevant panelist to respond.