AsSIST-UK is to award an annual prize of £250 for a PhD thesis that demonstrates outstanding quality in the STS/Innovation Studies field. The Prize is an important way in which the Association supports the work of new scholars.

The Prize will be awarded for a thesis that meets one or more of the following criteria:

– exploring the links between STS and Innovation Studies

– links to other disciplines and working across the sciences and humanities

– different forms of public/policy impact and engagement

– opening up novel areas of inquiry for STIS

The thesis must be awarded in the calendar year 2018.


Nominations can only be made by PhD Supervisors who are Members of the Association.

The nomination form is available here: AsSIST_UK form  It should be submitted no later than Friday 4.00pm 18th January 2019.


Please send this form to both Andrew Webster at York and Robin Williams at Edinburgh