AsSIST-UK Annual Conference 2021

AsSIST-UK 2021
9-10 September 2021. ONLINE

Infrastructures, Institutions and Cultures: New Relations and New Challenges

This past year has seen many of the routines of our daily life disrupted by Covid-19. Yet, apart from the personal and interpersonal challenges this has created, we have also become more aware of the ways in which social orderings and the technologies which help to reproduce them have become not only more visible but more fractured and unstable, producing new forms of social inequality and injustice. But these developments too have brought new ideas and possibilities for a re-ordering of socio-technical relations and practices. More widely, challenges associated with climate change, public health and threats to democratic institutional processes at national and international levels have led to calls for new forms of engagement, changes in politics and the creation of cultures of accountability and care.

The 2021 AsSIST-UK Annual Conference invites papers that discuss these broad issues and the new relations and challenges they create. It asks how Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS) not only casts new light on these challenges but also opens up ways through which they might be addressed. We invite papers that examine these issues empirically, theoretically and methodologically drawing on scholarship from the STIS community on which the Association is built.

Keynote speakers

We are delighted to announce our Keynote speakers for the Conference and the title of their presentations:

Associate Professor Kornelia Konrad, University of Twente, Netherlands

An STIS perspective on socio-technical futures in the governance of innovation

Professor Sabina Leonelli, University of Exeter, UK (Professor Sabina Leonelli | Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology | University of Exeter)

The Open Data Challenge: Cultural, Institutional and Infrastructural Dilemmas of Data Sharing

Professor Martyn Pickersgill, University of Edinburgh, UK (Martyn Pickersgill | The University of Edinburgh)

The Ontological Work of Epistemic Infrastructures: Negotiating the Novel within Science (Studies) and Society

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The Virtual Conference will be using the ‘Gathertown’ platform which provides for a more interactive occasion than others we have looked at. We will be providing all delegates before the Conference with a briefing and guidance on how to use the system.

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