The Matter of Facts: Skepticism, Persuasion, and Evidence in Science Gareth Leng and Rhodri Ivor Leng MIT Press (2020)

This new book is worth a look – written by STS scholar Rhodri Leng and his father, an experimental physiologist – and there’s a useful summary in today’s Nature (good to see the journal happy to publish this sort of reflexive, critical text). Read the review here


4S President-Elect, Alondra Nelson, appointed to Biden’s Cabinet

Joe Biden has announced that Professor Alondra Nelson will join the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as deputy director for science and society: see ‘Inspired choice’: Biden appoints sociologist Alondra Nelson to top science post ( She is the president-elect for 4S, the Society for the Social Studies of Science. See the … More

STEPS Centre at Sussex completes its fifteen year programme of work

The STEPS centre which has made a major contribution towards our understanding of pathways to sustainability comes to an end in 2021 after fifteen years of ESRC core funding along with significant income from other agencies. Its co-Directors, Andy Stirling (AsSIST-UK member) and Ian Scoones, have prepared a very informative reflection on the centre’s work … More

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